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Class Documents

The purpose of this quiz is to ensure your success in Chemistry 400 here at Sacramento City College.  Please take the time to do this quiz by yourself without any assistance that might be considered “cheating”.

Please be so kind to read, sign and email me your agreement to perform the labs at home.


Lecture Materials

The Textbook, free


ISBN-13: 9780134874371

If you buy online, be sure to pay extra for the shipping.  I have seen some for sales for under $20.

Please understand that this is a work in progress.  Things will change and I am sure that there are mistakes.  When you find problems, please let me know so they may be fixed.

Lab Experiments

Introductory / Materials

Exp 01 - Basic Techniques

Exp 02 - Calibration of a Pipette

Exp 03 - Density of Saline Solutions

Exp 04 - Decomposition

Exp 05 - pH Titration

Exp 06 - Calorimeter

Exp 07 - Chemical Reactions

Exp 08 - Molecular Mass of a Volatile Liquid

Study Guides

Study guide/quiz for elements

Safety Rules*

Safety Video - John and Hank Green's Crash Course

Summary of Ions *

Elements to know *

Graph Paper