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My goal in life is to help others reach their goals


My passion is teaching is show by the fact that I have been a very popular teacher which has resulted in fully enrolled and overenrolled classes and very low dropout rate for my classes over several decades.  The goal of my classes is to prepare the students to be successful in academia and in life.

Who I am and what I have to offer...

I enjoy low voltage systems and all kinds of instrumentation.  Some of my projects have involved microcontrollers, single board computers and personal computers.  If it requires electricity and has I/O, I have most likely worked on it at one time or another.

I have my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Biology and an emphasis in math.  I put myself through school as a machinist, I am a hands on person and I live in both the academic and industrial worlds for several decades.

I bring to teaching aspects from the real world where science knowledge is applied, appreciated, sought for and well paid. One reason many students do not like chemistry and physics is because they have no idea what these disciplines are good for.  Teaching/Learning Chemistry and/or Physics most often are missing the motivational factor.  (Why do I have to take this class? Because it's a requirement for some other major!) Lame answer!  Most instructors have no background to make this connection. I believe that I am one of the few that can.

I bring to industry technical knowledge and the reasons behind why certain rules are used in industry and where these rules come from.  Knowing potential risks and the reasons behind them as opposed to reading them from a specification provide me with the ability to help teams make better decisions faster and with less risk.

My recent industrial background is in the Medical Device area.  Specifically with Class III implantable neurostimulators to eliminate chronic pain and more recently through 510K approval treatment for Parkinson’s disease.