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Teaching Page

Medical Device Design and Manufacturing of Class III Implantable devices to alleviate chronic pain and reduce the effects of Parkinson's disease.  Regulated by FDA, FCC, CE agencies.  Consolidated operations and engineering.

Boston Scientific Corporation - Neuromodulation

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Medical Device Design and Manufacturing of Class III Implantable devices to allow the deaf to hear.  Regulated by FDA, FCC, CE agencies.  Sold to Boston Scientific and then split off into new company.

Advanced Bionics Corporation - Cochlear Implants

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High speed commercial laser printers designed for continuous use.  Paper and toner may be added without stopping printing. Fully networked with web interface, may be multiplexed for additional speed.  Sold to Ricoh Copiers.

Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions - Laser Printers

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Design and manufacturer of card access systems utilizing hall effect devices and micro controllers.  Custom artwork and BaFe cards produced along with encrypted encoding of cards.

Secura Key - Access Controls

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Design and manufacturer of 16-70 mm cameras that were used anywhere from new reels, major motion pictures to reconnaissance planes and missile recording during the Cold War.  FCC disallowed Mitchell from renting cameras and Mitchell lost the industry to Panavision.

Mitchell Camera Corporation - Motion Picture Camera

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Part of the Los Angeles Community Colleges consisting of East LA College, LA City College, LA Harbor College, LA Mission College, LA Pierce College, LA Southest College, LATrade-Tech College, LA Valley College and, West LA College

Los Angeles Mission Community College

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The following are the organizations that I have had the privilege of being associated with.